Privacy Policy & Liability


It is the strict policy of Island Escape Fragrances that under no circumstances will we sell or give away any information you have provided to us.  We will not provide your private information to any outside or third parties. We will keep in the strictest confidence, any information you provide us through email, through our Online Store (by order submission, form submission, etc.), written, phone, mail, or any other form of transmission.  Island Escape Fragrances will maintain this data.  We will not provide this information by selling it or giving it away, to any unauthorized persons or companies.

Island Escape Fragrances is not responsible for any misuse, accidents, or adverse reactions that may occur with use of our products. Be sure to test all products. We are not responsible for accidents or incidents associated with the use of our products. Due to the high concentration of our fragrance oils, we suggest that you test them in products before calling us; fragrance oils smell different in finished products than they do out of the bottle.

When making bath and body products, even when using oils marked bath and body safe does not mean someone won’t be allergic to that particular oil. Be very careful when making body products that have any cinnamon in them. Someone could or will have a reaction to them.

Island Escape Fragrances is not responsible for any products or equipment you used when making your products. We will not reimburse customers for raw ingredients used in finished products. It is your responsibility to test each product upon purchase.

When using Fragrance oils, keep room well ventilated with use or use an appropriate respirator with use. Eye, ingestion, and skin irritant. Avoid contact with skin and eyes and swallowing. Keep all products away from children and pets. All of our products are offered in good faith but without guarantee. Due to the variety of industries served, products are sold without warranty of any kind. Purchasers will, by their own tests and evaluations, determine suitability of such products for their specific use. We assume no liability for damage and/or injury resulting from the use of products supplied by this company.

We all use different supplies when making products; there are no guarantees of how our finished product will turn out. Sadly, in order to test, part of the process is to use your own supplies and time to test.  Instructions or tips we offer are from our own personal experiences or from our testers.  We cannot guarantee that these will work in all circumstances.

In no event will we be liable for direct, indirect or consequential damages resulting from loss of use or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use/suitability of products. While we test all products, we cannot make any guarantee that these products will agree with everyone. We are not responsible for testing our products in products from other suppliers.


Please remember that if you place a Preorder oil order it takes approximately 8-10 days to get to us from the day after the preorder ends, and then 1-2 days for us to bottle and package. All In-Stock Oils ordered at the same time will be held, and ship with preorder oils. All orders over $200 USD that are eligible for the free shipping option, will ship by courier.